The benefits of outdoor advertising on the programmatic approach

  • No Adblocking
  • Unskippable
  • Human traffic only
  • Viewability > 100%
  • All pixels of the screen
  • Message above the fold

Buying our DOOH programmatic:
how it works

How audience buying works:

Impressions are detected by sensors and counted on the basis of the audience that views every single Execution of the campaign, for every single screen

How impressions are counted:

Impressions are detected on the basis of the actual number of people exposed to the advertisement and, depending on the length of the message, time frame and location crowding, they are counted as
– one ore more impressions
– no impression if there is no audience (thus, no cost)

the AVA standard, along with the traditional metrics

Since October 2013, our Network features sensors that use an Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) system to detect:
– the number of people exposed to adv circuits
– their gender
– their age

Over 3 billion contacts since 2013.

The field of vision/analysis of the cameras is set on 7 meters in order to ensure the detection of all exposed people in close proximity to the installations.

Why buy our DOOH programmatic

  • Possibility to choose the best days and time slots for the selected target audience (based on data stock pre-evaluation) in order to optimize the planning
  • Possibility to enable specific triggers (weather forecast, news, events), to be paid only when such conditions are met
  • Automatic subject broadcast
  • Real-Time Impression Count: No audience = No cost
  • Real-time certification of what is broadcast (every 15’)
  • Dynamic planning with the possibility to edit the plan of the ongoing campaign based on specific performances
  • Possibility to receive Post Evaluation reports