Milano Centrale

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133 Commercial units
54,000 sqm GLA
409 Media assets

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Ulisse Stacchini, the Roman architect who won the national tender for the project of the first important station of the city of Milan in 1912, defined it as “The Cathedral of Dynamism”. Milano Centrale’s role has been clear since its conception: a crucial center for domestic and international traffic and a modern building that would give its city vitality and prestige. A series of distinctive features make the structure absolutely one-of-a-kind: the majestic 200-meter wide and 50-meter high facade, the spectacular iron roofings designed by engineer Alberto Fava, which include a 72-meter long main arcade (Italy’s biggest arcade ever built) covered by a skylight roof that allows in natural light; the two winged horses that, from the top of the structure, welcome locals and visitors every day. Its monumental spaces feature Liberty and Secession style influences, as well as Art Deco elements. Recently, the station has undergone a set of important improvements that restored its spaces to their former glory and enhanced many of its hidden beauties. The project also included a rearrangement of its pedestrian paths and a reconfiguration of its services obtained by assigning some important spaces to new-concept shopping areas.

Access to transports
  • 2 metro lines (metro 2, metro 3)
  • 3 tram lines (5,9,10)
  • 6 bus lines (42, 60, 81, 82, 87, 92)
  • 2 taxi stations
  • 3 airport-bound bus lines (to Linate, Malpensa, Orio al Serio airports)
  • Kiss & Ride
  • Car parking lots
  • Car Sharing & Bike Sharing

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Milano Centrale is a crucial center for the city’s services and shopping. Open all week long from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., it ensures a full-range commercial offer, from high quality fast&slow food to gift and gadget stores, clothes shops, bookstores, electronics and phone stores and facilities (post office, car rental, bureau de change, pharmacy).