Temporary Store


Besides traditional sales points and spectacular advertising campaigns, with our temporary stores we also offer your product the possibility to be seen, touched, tried and purchased by millions of people every day.
Our temporary stores, managed by Retail Group, are integrated in the stations’ architecture in prestigious locations with large people flows.



Our temporary stores are flexible modular structures with a 20-100 sqm area, delimited by crystal panels that allow great exposure and visibility.


Our temporary stores are provided turnkey with:

  • Sales staff specialized in travel retail, who can be trained ad-hoc by the brand before the opening
  • Integrates logistics with storage, restocking and returns management
  • IT service and cashier balancing service
  • Administrative management
  • Trade marketing: prior product category analysis and final sales figure analysis
  • Marketing operations with dedicated Satispay campaigns, Facebook Like counter and custom-printed back of receipts

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The goods and services advertising and promotion of temporary stores is allocated to Retail Group S.p.A, member society of Grandi Stazioni Retail S.p.A.