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Our company

We are the managers of a collection of Italian architecture and history icons, i.e. the 14 major stations of our country, of which we hold the exclusive exploitation rights for commercial and advertising purposes.
The high-speed railway system has shortened distances all over Italy and its big stations make our country even more appealing, as they have become the stops of a journey into beauty, shopping and food excellence.

Our stations are spaces that complement your journey and places where you can live a unique experience as well as develop new business and communication opportunities.
They are large hubs where people flows, products and events come together, in a way that never fails to engage. We operate at the very center of such flows – of diverse ideas, things, people and needs – and it is because of our unparalleled, multi-faceted position that we can ensure unique opportunities.

750,000,000 Visitor per year
770 Commercial units
230,000 Sqm GLA
1,900 Media assets


To become the ideal hub for brands that, with us, can experience unique communication and business opportunities in extraordinary locations in terms of position and flows. Thanks to the 750 mln visitors per year, we are at the top of travel retail. We offer brands the possibility to meet our high-potential customer target, gain maximum visibility thanks to our high-impact adv installations and get privileged access to a deeper look into our flows, counting on the big data available to us.


At the center of our stations we put the travelers’ comfort, with innovative specific services every day, all year round. To the people who love to be on the move we offer comfortable areas that never cease to be appealing, plus the chance to discover what the city offers. The quality of the whole experience is crucial in our challenge to turn visitors into loyal customers.


Our shareholders

Our story

Grandi Stazioni Retail was born in 2016 from the split and sale of the company Grandi Stazioni SpA (Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane). Our company was entrusted the exclusive right of commercial and promotional use of Italy’s 14 major stations.
Over the few years since its birth, our business has undergone many changes and improvements, due to the company’s new management style.

To mention some: the new merchandising mix and the offer increase in the retail sector, thanks to which our stations can now boast the presence of important brands and food excellences;
speaking of Media, the installation of iconic structures like Roma Termini’s transparent screens and the development of Programmatic, the new frontier of digital advertising;
in retail, again, the acquisition of the company Retail Group in order to achieve the highest development and integration of the temporary business segment in our stations; in marketing, the accurate monitoring of flows and big data to ensure an effective offer development.