Genova Piazza Principe

74,000 Daily visitors
24 Commercial units
4,300 sqm GLA
31 Media assets

Genova Piazza Principe was built in 1860 based on a design by Alessandro Mazzucchetti.
The original complex featured a majestic single-span steel vault, a typically Neoclassical passenger building and a Doric style porch, enriched with decorations. In the year 1900 a new beam of crossing tracks was added before the front station and separated from it by erecting a new building in the middle. The need for new facilities to serve the newly added track beam altered the station’s flows and functions: the main hall lost its importance in favor of a new off-centered hall, located in the porch area.
In war time, the large steel vault was dismantled to use the iron recovered for ammunitions and never re-built.

Access to transports
  • 1 metro line (metro 1)
  • 2 cable railway lines (Granarolo and Zecca-Righi)
  • 9 bus lines (20, 32, 34, 35, 36, 54, 606, 618, 635)
  • 1 airport-bound bus line (to Cristoforo Colombo airport)

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Genova Piazza Principe is open to visitors with its catering & service offer all week long from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m..