One to One operations, completely tailored within the consumer approach spaces in areas with a high flow.
The activity allows brands to open up a physical relationship with visitors for the presentation, testing or distribution of products and brochures and thus also strengthen their Brand Equity.
Alternatively, exclusive installations can be inserted in monumental contexts for high-visibility operations, to create photo opps for social networks.


Customer: British Airways
Period: March 2023
Station: Milano Centrale

Two installations in the iconic setting of the monumental atrium where travellers, tje Milanese, tourists, passers-by and the curious discovered the values of the brand and experienced the quality of its services. Exciting images literally carry visitors to North American destinations. A dream that could come true with the contest to win a flight for two to New York.

Live every moment

Customer: Peroni Nastro Azzurro
Period: May 2023
Station: Milano Centrale

Peroni transformed the monumental appeal of Milano Centrale into the stage for the launch of the new Stile Capri beer. A seaside setting recalling the beaches of the famous island, with the possibility of tasting the new product, enjoying entertainment at the stand and receiving a gift of a travel aperitif kit. A unique, dual contact experience: for consumers to discover the new drink of the summer and for the brand to be able to measure the effectiveness of their engagement proposal in one of the most frequented and iconic spaces of the Milanese station.


Customer: Trainline
Period: May 2023
Station: Milano Centrale

A real temple, with a master Guru and his maxims, bonsai, gongs, atmospheric music and candles. A real ‘Relaxation centre against the exhaustion of looking for trains” is the new solution offered by Trainline. Where? In the central station in Milan, of course! Innovative, flexible and hyper-frequented locations, the stations are always able to offer outside-the-box solutions and alternatives, with real, measurable, unparalleled contact possibilities. For visitors, the Zen temple between the tracks is a truly unexpected experience! And in addition, a discount of 10 euros on the first purchase in the app


Client: Warner Bros Company
Period: December 2022
Station: Milano Centrale

A branded, interactive area where children became the absolute protagonists of the Toon Cup. Filmed as they shoot at the goal, run, cheer for victory and celebrate together with the team, they were then included in an animated video that appeared in real time on the station’s large screen.

LOL: You laugh, you’re out!

Customer: Amazon Prime Video
Period: March 2022
Station: Milano Centrale

A box with transparent walls, inside which passers-by were invited to a great challenge: make the super-serious laugh! A one-to-one experience for everyone to enjoy: in fact, a large screen projects gags, jokes and funny faces with which the participants tried to achieve the comic effect.


Customer: Sanofi in collaboration with AISM
Period: October 2022
Station: Milano Centrale

The installation of a giant white sneaker with a highly significant value. In fact, physical met digital through a QR code that let visitors pre-order the solidarity shoes, designed exclusively for the occasion. The goal was achieved: with more than 1,000 preorders, THE SMEAKER went into production!

Client: Warner Bros

Station: Milano Centrale – September 2023

Client: Zalando

Station: Milano Centrale – June-July 2021

Client: Uber

Station: Roma Termini

Client: Sony Music

Station: Milano Centrale – October 2021

Client: Sony Music

Station: Milano Centrale – October 2021

Client: Amazon Prime Video

Station: Napoli Centrale – October 2021

Client: Chili

Station: Milano Centrale – December 2018

Client: Fiat

Station: Milano Centrale – October 2019

Client: Douglas

Station: Roma Termini

Client: Sony Music

Station: Milano Centrale – November 2019