Events & Locations

Transforming our stations and surrounding areas into spaces for the community and moments for successful live brand communication. The great stations are ideal places for art, appreciated quickly and given back to culture and fun. Precious locations suitable for hosting parties and events, moments of communication with evocative lighting, as well as film sets and shootings for films, ads, TV series, music videos and shootings.

La Nascita

Artist: JR
Period: From 10 April 2024 to 1 May 2024
Station: Milano Centrale

Renowned French artist JR transforms the station with his new installation La Nascita. The monumental work, an anamorphic trompe l’oeil, blurs the boundaries of time and place, fashioning an architectural fantasy that draws a link between the building today and the motivations behind its construction.

An Invitation To Dream

Client: Moncler
Period: Milano Design Week 2024 (15 – 21 April 2024)
Station: Milano Centrale

With the exhibition ‘’An Invitation To Dream’’, Moncler transforms Milano Centrale Station in one of the biggest art gallery ever open to the public. Curated by Jefferson Hack and composed of a range of inspiring personalities from contemporary culture, the exhibition came to life with a full takeover of the entire media asset of the station inviting the passengers and visitors to dream.

Senstation On Ice 2023

Title Sponsor: Plenitude
Period: from 7 December 2023 to 7 January 2024
Station: Milano Centrale

At Milano Centrale, Senstation On Ice: the largest outdoor ice rink in Italy that for the second consecutive year has animated Piazza Duca d’Aosta for the Christmas holidays.
An example of urban and social regeneration of one of the most crucial places in Milan under the banner of fun, hospitality and inclusion.
A project that also includes sustainability, thanks to the initiative’s partner Plenitude, which contributed to powering the installation by providing certified electricity produced by plants powered 100% by renewable sources.
Radio Italia, official radio of Plenitude Sensation On Ice, made some evenings even more fun with ad hoc DJ Sets, promoting the event on its channels.
The little ones also brought toys and books that they no longer used for the OBM Ospedale dei Bambini Milano – Buzzi Onlus Association to donate them to the Vittore Buzzi Paediatric Hospital in Milan.


in 32 event days (+10% vs. 2022)

Senstation On Ice 2022

Institutional Sponsor: Calabria Region
Period: from 7 December 2022 to 8 January 2023
Station: Milano Centrale

The largest Ice Rink ever set up in Milan with 1,300 square metres of skating surface, 1,500 square metres of scenery and a gigantic 18-metre Christmas tree with 15,000 LED lights. Piazza Duca d’Aosta changes its appearance to become one of the most well-known Christmas locations in Italy for everyone, thanks to a village recalling typical Nordic landscapes and offering sports and fun.


in 33 days of the event

Shark and Abysses

Station: Milano Centrale

A new large special exhibition returns to Milan, at the Central Station.

Organised in location F1 in the Gallery of Mosaics, the exposition explores the world of abysses and their predators.


5 months – Milano Centrale

The World Of Banksy

Station: Milano Centrale/Torino Porta Nuova
Verona Porta Nuova/Rome Tiburtina

The works of the artist Banksy travel among the stations of the GSR Network. Thanks to an exhibition with numerous works organised within historical and monumental locations, it is possible to get to know the famous artist through a fully immersive experience.


6 months – Milano Centrale

Body Worlds

Station: Milano Centrale/Torino Porta Nuova

The great exhibition dedicated to the human body on tour to maximise the strength of the network.

In Milan, at the Central Station in location F1 in the Gallery of Mosaics, and at Torino Porta Nuova in the Sala degli Stemmi location to offer all travellers and visitors the opportunity to discover the human body in all its facets, vulnerabilities and potential.


3 months – Torino Porta Nuova


3 months – Milano Centrale


Period: September and October 2022
Station: Roma Termini/Napoli Centrale/Torino Porta Nuova/Milano Centrale

Four of the Network’s flagship stations hosted the tour of Vinokilo, the young German company that offers vintage as a sustainable, trendy alternative. An unprecedented format attracted thousands of visitors: shopping, talk, entertainment, food & drink to inform and entertain.


at the 4 stops in the network

R18 Your Choice: Tribute

Customer: BMW Motorrad
Period: Giugno 2022
Station: Milano Centrale

BMW Italia chose the iconic Milano Centrale station to display 28 custom BMW R18 models from dealerships throughout Italy.

Client: Moncler

Station: Milano Centrale – Location F7 – MFW September 2021

Client: MSGM

Station: Milano Centrale – Magazzini Raccordati – MFW June 2023

Client: SISLEY

Station: Milano Centrale – Magazzini Raccordati – MFW February 2023


Station: Milano Centrale – Magazzini Raccordati – MFW February 2023

Client: AC9

Station: Milano Centrale – Magazzini Raccordati – MFW September 2022

Client: Zegna

Station: Milano Centrale

Client: CNMI

Station: Milano Centrale – MFW Campaign FW 2021/2022

Event: TIM Senstation 2019

Station: Milano Centrale