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Our major stations become prestigious art venues, taken away from the hustle and bustle and returned to culture. High-standing locations that can host events, parties, communication events and shows. The central position, a large number of connections to the rest of the city, the strong visual impact and the high architectural value of their buildings give each station an utterly unique character; which makes them amazing locations for film shootings, fashion shows, meetings, music performances and exhibitions.


Shootings and sets

In many occasions, our stations have become prestigious sets for film shootings and other illustrious national and international productions, including: the movies “Ocean’s 12” and “The International”, popular TV series like “Il Maresciallo Rocca”, “I Liceali” and “Un ciclone in famiglia”; tv spots and music videos. Photo and movie shootings can count on these renowned, unique spaces surrounded by the suggestive, bustling environment of a real city hub.

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