The New Mosaic Lights Up in Stazione Centrale!

Milano Centrale   

The Mosaic, the new advertising system of Milano Centrale that consists of 18 2×4 metre
maxi-screens, was finally turned on in May. It is located in one of the most precious spaces
of the station, the Mosaic Gallery. For the inaugural lighting, the screens showed 18 works of
art granted by the Poldi Pezzoli House Museum, demonstrating their visual power.
Thanks also to the graphic contribution of experiency, the Mosaic will host ‘Sguardi dal Poldi’
starting 20 May: a three-minute digital exhibition that will show 18 masterpieces kept in the
House Museum on Via Manzoni.
On the opening night, Grandi Stazioni Retail expressed all its enthusiasm for this new project
at the forefront in the field of media communication.

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