Welcome Eataly!

Roma Termini   

Welcome to Eataly: inside Roma Termini, Italy’s leading railway station with over half a million visitors a day, Europe’s leading station at the commercial level, Eataly is inaugurating an exclusive refined format of 700 sq.m. on the first-floor terrace, with unique visibility, both from the main atrium and from the central gallery, and an exclusive view of the famed Dinosaur.


Eataly condenses the excellence of its catering in this format, proving to be the point of reference for Italian food and wine: the store includes a day-long offering from the coffee bar to the counter for pizza alla pala freshly baked throughout the day, the restaurant with a seating capacity of over 100 and waiter service for a total of over 200 places available for its clientele.


The opening of Eataly is the high point of the transformation of Roma Termini–a new era of comfort for visitors and travellers–and the start of a new way of experiencing railway stations which are proving to be an increasingly more evolved platform for brands.

The impact of the transformation generated by our model clearly emerges also in the evolution of travellers into visitors, active consumers who go to a station not as a place of transit, but as a living space in town where they can enjoy numerous experiences.

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